March 22, 2014

A C C E S S O R I E S / Still Life

 photo loveaestheticsstilllife.jpg

Still lives are my life, this still life is my life.
I utterly enjoy arranging items neatly, finding order and making a balanced composition with them and photographing it. It is usually carefully and artificially arranged. But this little still life came into existence in a complete spontaneous way; with Giuliano, a bottle of wine and a piece of my clip in hair that was lying around (you might remember that I don't have anything against a little faux hair). It looked so fantastic that I had to recreate this moment the morning after when the sun was shining through the window and immortalize it with my camera.

wallet: Jil Sander
shoulder bag: &OtherStories


Ioana Capraru said...

Beautiful arrangement! I love aesthetics and the beauty that you achieve through harmonious visual assembly is amazing! If only I could afford to dress as beautifully as you.

Laura lexo said...

This bag is such amazing! Love it


k come karolina said...

fantastic photo!

xoxo from rome

Adelajda said...


Millie Simon said...

Love the layout and the bag is so nice!! :) xx

Julia in Disguise said...

Love this!! Such a pretty arrangement xx
Julia in Disguise

Julia in Disguise said...

Love this!! Such a pretty arrangement xx
Julia in Disguise

Milex said...


Marieke S said...

How great !

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

The bag is so perfect xx

Giuliano Bolivar said...

literally, a dream come true! ;)

Fiona Bradley said...

That is AWESOME!! Looks like a Rene Magritte surrealist painting! :)


Carmen Li said...

This is amazing! Love it!


Catherine said...

Love this x

Black Leather Jackets said...

Very cool bag and love the arrangement

Anonymous said...

the central part is a bit burnt/over exposed.


at anonymous:
The parts where the sun is hitting are white indeed, that is exactly how the silver hair looked in real life in the bright sun. I deliberately chose this image with a higher exposure vs shadows.

dana dimitras said...

Gorgeous bag! :)

Do you want to follow each other, let me know on my blog?!

Letitia - The Fashion Editor said...

I love your fashion still life. The bag and arrangement are beautiful.

Sophia Marinho de Lemos said...

Love this shot. It's gorgeous the way you are able to accomplish such stillness and silence in your photographs.

Lucy Green said...

I like your blog !

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Kink Caviar said...

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